Pride and Dignity

Programs and Services to Help with the Basics of Life

CTS provides a range of basic services to assist residents in the transition from prison to everyday life, including employment preparation, MRT classes, Portal, anger management sessions and parenting classes. We have partnerships at community agencies and refer residents for medical/dental/mental health care, clothing assistance and education. We also enjoy a great partnership with medical care providers and a pharmacy who provide services onsite weekly.

Medical Care:

CTS has partnered with NuLease Medical Solutions to provide onsite primary care for residents. Referrals for mental health are made for those residents who have insurance. Residents with insurance who are seeking hepatitis testing and/or treatment will be set up with a local physician for onsite care as well. NuLease will manage medicated assisted treatment onsite.

In cases that a resident is not seen or treated by NuLease, CTS has established arrangements with local clinics provide residents medical and mental health care for free or at greatly reduced rates.

Dental care will be referred out to local clinics.

Substance Abuse Programs:

We are a licensed AODE (Alcohol and Other Drug Entity). CTS initiated its Substance Abuse Program (SAP) in 2010. The program has flourished and has a positive influence on the general resident population, who begin to find the meaning of pride and dignity. CTS uses A New Direction for its substance treatment delivery. The program was developed by the Minnesota Department of Corrections in conjunction with Hazelden. A New Direction focuses on thought process changes and thinking reports to bring about change. In addition, Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings are held at the facility.

Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT):

MRT is a cognitive-behavioral treatment system that leads to enhanced moral reasoning, better decision making, and more appropriate behavior. Studies have shown that this treatment is effective in the reduction of recidivism. MRT is offered to residents at CTS. After completing MRT, residents may apply to participate in MRT Anger Management or MRT Parenting. CTS also offers MRT Mentorship which allows for additional good time.


For residents who have not graduated from high school, assistance in obtaining a high school equivalency certificate by passing a General Education Development (GED®) test is provided in partnership with Ahrens Vocational School, which is receptive to the needs of CTS residents.

Our GED Classroom

Our GED Classroom

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