Maintaining Ties with Supportive Family and Friends

CTS is located at 1407 West Jefferson Street, Louisville, KY 40203, in the Russell area of Louisville.

Residents are allowed visits with persons listed on their DOC approved visitation list. Visits are held on Saturday and Sunday from 12pm to 4pm. (See visitation schedule for dates.) Visits are limited to 4 visitors per resident unless prior approval is granted – residents may have more than 4 visitors as long as they ask for and receive permission from their Counselor ahead of time. Each resident is assigned a visitation day upon their arrival.

If you are sending items out on visit, you are to notify your counselor in writing no less than one day prior to your visit.

Visitors may bring clothes, shoes, and other non-consumable items during the resident’s first eligible visit.

Visitors must provide a photo identification each time they visit. Visitors are not allowed to bring in cell phones, cameras, bags/purses, tobacco products, open drinks, or any other item deemed inappropriate by CTS staff. Families with babies are allowed to bring in a bottle, a diaper, and wet wipes. Further visitation guidelines are provided when one signs in for visitation.

View/Download Visitation schedule for 2020 (PDF)

View/Download Personal Property List (PDF)

View/Download List of Contraband Items (PDF)

The CTS Lounge

The CTS Lounge

Children's play area

Children’s play area

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